Leeds, UK, November 28, 2018: Global defence and contingent workforce company, TBW Global is strengthening its operational training platform by forming new strategic partnerships with specialist training companies.

TBW Global has operations in 20 countries and a workforce of over 2,500 people that can cover over 90 language pairs and has carried out over 3,500 live exercises and events for the Military and Defence Forces.

To achieve this explosive growth TBW Global has built a cutting edge training business through working with best in class partners, accurately replicating the environment in which troops deploy ensuring that upon deployment they are fully familiar with their surroundings and the cultural and tactical landscape. The platform imitates the look, feel, sound and smell of the theatre of operation from the atmospherics to the local population, government, insurgents and uniformed services.

TBW Global is the fastest growing Defence Company in the UK supplying military training and contingent workforce solutions to NATO member countries and customers including the UK MOD, the US Department of Defense and a number of global defence and aerospace prime contractors. TBW Global ensure that defence and security organisations can scale and achieve their objectives.

Josh Gould, CEO of TBW Global said: “Military training is one of the fastest growing areas of our business.

“We believe that partnerships further our goal in developing cutting edge products and services backed by the reliability of TBW Global’s technology R&D team of over 60 developers and engineers and large global infrastructure and workforce of over 2,500 people.”