On the 11th February, TBW Global’s exciting ‘Commercial week’ kicked off.

With talks from all the sales team, including those who came over from the US, and Director of Operations and Head of Recruitment. The end of the week saw the anticipated speech from TBW Global’s CEO, Joshua Gould, who laid out the plans for the future of the whole company, before a drinks reception. There were a variety of engaging talks and workshops throughout commercial week, from a roundtable discussion of Brexit (and its effect on the defence sector), to ‘Life during Maternity’ (presented by Emily Brogan-Lynn).

There was a buzz in the air throughout the week, as team members presented their views and ideas for TBW Global’s future, and reminisced on the successes and events of the previous year. There was also a renewed sense of camaraderie throughout the office as dialogues were opened, and the office space filled with our staff from around the globe – we’d like to thank Matt Woody and Carlton Pettway of the sales team for coming over from the US for the event.

The week saw new business plans, ideas, analysis and even new tech demos.

One thing is certain – TBW Global’s future is bright.


This is also a sneak peak at some of the content in our new contractor newsletter which will be issued monthly