Encrypted Translation

TBW Global operates the world’s most secure translation workbench through our patented Highly Secure Translation Editor (HSTE).

Our patented Computer Assisted Translation tool is a giant leap forward for file security. By restricting linguistics to a secure interface, third parties are preventing from saving, printing or taking screenshots of confidential documents. This level of security gives clients peace of mind that their material is in safe hands. Moreover, an innovative auto-delete function means documents are permanently erased after translation and therefore irretrievable.

Face to Face Interpreting

TBW Global provides support around the clock in excess of 300 languages and has more than 14,500 linguists situated across the globe. We deploy hundreds of linguists each day for defense assignments in some of the most troubled areas around the world.

We are trusted to provide high-quality service each time. Our interpreters are available day or night, 365 days a year and can be booked by telephone or via our easy to use and secure online portal.

For peace of mind to our clients, every face-to-face interpreter has passed our rigorous recruitment and security clearance process, which includes an Enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service check.

We only ever provide qualified linguists whose skills have been thoroughly assessed and examined during the recruitment process. Employment of a linguist is subject to a signed confidentiality agreement and a comprehensive code of conduct.

Secure Over the Phone Interpreting

We provide secure and encrypted over-the-phone interpreting services any time of the day or night and within 30 seconds. From our large database and network of 14,500 linguists, we will connect you with the most experienced and competent of interpreters.

Secure Video Interpreting

We can provide secure, protected and private video interpreting within 30 seconds via our servers based in and around the UK or USA. From our large database and network of 14,500 linguists, we will connect you with the most experienced and competent of interpreters.

Language Training

TBW Global provides customized pre-deployment classroom language training in any chosen language. Training can be provided on-site, in our classrooms or online via our learning management software. All language training is delivered in a professional manner and is taught by technically qualified personnel with extensive experience in language training.

Multilingual Multimedia Exploitation

TBW Global can assist your organization in exploiting, analyzing and reporting on media intelligence to create a comprehensive intelligence program. TBW Global pioneers intelligent, automated content analysis techniques that extract knowledge from online and offline multimedia content. Information is analyzed and grouped in terms of spatiotemporal, personal and even social contextual information.

Diplomatic Language Support

TBW Global combines all our translation, interpreting and cultural advisory experience in an all-encompassing support program for diplomats across the world.

Travel Risk Management

Whatever your organization size and however complex your requirements are, we can provide your personnel with a global warning and crisis management service or a solution that best suits your needs. We can provide users an application that offers security updates and warning notifications regardless of your location.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

I would like to praise TBW for their impeccable customer services. Everytime I call, no matter who picks up the phone, I am always met on the other end with a friendly, helpful and optimistic voice.

Nell Allotey

I always look forward to the next exercise or rotation [of Civilians on the Battlefield]. It expands and stimulates my life. Sort of like an adventure-survival course. The unknown and the challenges are there, plus a chance to prove myself … The situations we act out are real in many parts of the world. It is fascinating to work with the military and I am trying to figure out the whys or how come strategies are executed in a particular way. Like a gigantic chess game. I would not want to miss it.

Gerda Stickler

have conducted a few observations and have been seeing some quality teaching practice.

Also, we have just enjoyed the second round of learner presentations where we hosted a number of guests from across ITC and beyond. The comments we received were extremely positive, so the teachers must be doing a great job when I’m not sitting in the back of the class, too.

Matt Gilbert

As a fundamental component to the success achieved, the role of the interpreter cannot go unmentioned or underappreciated. Hussain’s fire service knowledge was essential in ensure the correct interpretations were made, tireless efforts and cooperative nature was a great bridge across cultures. Hussain was an essential member of the team and is highly recommended for future interpreter roles.

Tom Parker


A heroic effort to get that turned around so quickly, thanks both. 3.5 hours from request to response all in.

Nicky Johnson