The Voyager 365 tech stack provides unmatched recruiting, workforce management, and invoicing augmented by automation and machine learning. With Voyager 365, you have the right resource identified, vetted, and deployed 300% faster than ever before.

Voyager 365 Desktop

The Voyager 365 tech stack provides unmatched recruiting, workforce management, and invoicing augmented by automation and machine learning. With Voyager 365, you have the right resource identified, vetted, and deployed 300% faster than manual recruiting methods.

Voyager 365 leads the candidate vetting process by conducting background checks and standardized testing of candidate skillsets. Background checks are completed by a third party, who receives candidate information from Voyager 365 as soon as a candidate uploads the required information and provides consent via Voyager 365. This saves time because our security vendor can begin the background check immediately without waiting for a TBW Global employee to forward the information and provide authorization to proceed.

At any given time, 20% of the world’s workforce is seeking new employment. This 20% is mostly comprised of individuals who are struggling in their current position. Most defense contractors recruit primarily from this pool of 20%, sorting through the non-performers to find the few who are highly skilled and seeking better opportunities.

With Voyager 365, we go beyond these typical tactics by scouring everyone who has publicly available information online, whether or not they are currently seeking a job. On average, Voyager 365 compares the data of 2.8 billion individuals per month against profiles of successful candidates for your job needs. We develop these profiles using machine learning technology, so Voyager 365 is constantly getting better at identifying the best candidates for any given position.

When Voyager 365 identifies individuals who fit the profile of a successful candidate, it automatically sends them  message with a link to apply for the position. The application contains custom data fields specific to your position requirements that are stored in an easily sortable database; Voyager 365 automatically parses the accompanying resume and inserts the data into the database.

Automated Candidate Sourcing


Our priority is your mission security. Voyager 365 is hosted in the Azure Cloud backed by Microsoft Azure Cloud Security, which provides comprehensive security, privacy, compliance, and intellectual property protections to 95 percent of Fortune 500 businesses, governments, and startups who all run on the Microsoft Cloud. Specifically, the Azure Cloud Security is backed by threat protection services, including Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender, and Threat Intelligence.


IT teams perform ongoing risk assessments across the Azure Cloud services, which protect and govern sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, and efficiently respond to regulatory requests. In case of an act of God or similar emergency, all Voyager 365 data is stored in a mirror server at another location within the United States. If one server goes down, all data is preserved and accessible via the other sever.

Voyager 365 also manages the testing of candidate skillsets. Possible tests include a number of language and software skills from basic testing to sophisticated, college-level testing, depending on the needs of the assignment. Where a basic knowledge-test is required, Voyager 365 will score the student’s ability to correctly answer multiple choice, fill in the blank, and/or true/false questions. When an intermediate knowledge test is required, Voyager 365 will record more complicated answer formats such short answer, essay answer, and/or audio recordings.

After the test is completed, a TBW Global expert will grade the answers and input the score into Voyager 365. For advanced subject matter testing, a TBW Global expert will conduct an  independent, indepth skills assessment and record the score in Voyager 365. Voyager 365 operates standardized TBW Global tests as well custom tests we develop to suit client needs.

Candidate Vetting

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I always look forward to the next exercise or rotation [of Civilians on the Battlefield]. It expands and stimulates my life. Sort of like an adventure-survival course. The unknown and the challenges are there, plus a chance to prove myself … The situations we act out are real in many parts of the world. It is fascinating to work with the military and I am trying to figure out the whys or how come strategies are executed in a particular way. Like a gigantic chess game. I would not want to miss it.

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have conducted a few observations and have been seeing some quality teaching practice.

Also, we have just enjoyed the second round of learner presentations where we hosted a number of guests from across ITC and beyond. The comments we received were extremely positive, so the teachers must be doing a great job when I’m not sitting in the back of the class, too.

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As a fundamental component to the success achieved, the role of the interpreter cannot go unmentioned or underappreciated. Hussain’s fire service knowledge was essential in ensure the correct interpretations were made, tireless efforts and cooperative nature was a great bridge across cultures. Hussain was an essential member of the team and is highly recommended for future interpreter roles.

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A heroic effort to get that turned around so quickly, thanks both. 3.5 hours from request to response all in.

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