Washington DC, November 27, 2018: Global defense and contingent workforce company, TBW Global, has recruited over 2,000 contractors to work alongside The US Army in Europe.

In preparation for a major training project, The US Army required over 1,600 civilian contractors to act as Role Players (RP) in order to simulate as accurately as possible the challenging environment their forces will face when deployed in overseas theatres of operation. These RP’s needed to be multilingual to recreate an authentic environment.

As a reliable and experienced contingent workforce provider, TBW Global successfully recruited and language tested over 1,600 multilingual amateur RP’s in just 9 weeks and have managed to date the delivery of 5 rotations each requiring between 200 to 450 PR’s at a time, who all lived onsite. In addition, RP’S went through a thorough police security check to ensure they were clear to gain access to a military base.

TBW Global engaged with thousands of potential applicants by utilizing targeted social media campaigns, deep learning AI and predictive data to create a custom web address to capture leads.

The company was also able to engage with the local community, for example working closely with universities to attract new recruits for the project. Approximately 60% of candidates came from its successful social media campaigns, highlighting its ability and power to spread a consistent message.

TBW Global sourced role-players from several countries including Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and the UK.

In order to manage high volume of applicants, TBW Global developed a highly automated three -stage recruitment process whereby applicants were encouraged to proactively obtain a language assessment with a multilingual in-house member of TBW Global’s staff. They were assessed on their level of fluency in a number of languages including German, Arabic, Pashton and Dari.

Once successful, candidates were trained to an impeccable standard, starting with TBW Global’s recruitment team creating and sending them a guidebook and glossary for revising common conversations and sentences followed by RP workshops and finally onsite guidance from TBW Global’s in country management team.

Defense Recruitment Manager, Sabina Green, said: “Reliability and efficiency are the cornerstones of our business and our team are constantly seeking ways to improve the quality of our recruitment process.

We strive for the best quality of candidates and take pride in utilizing our multilingual team to assist the smooth running of this process.”

Josh Gould, CEO of TBW Global said: “Our talent acquisition team is attracting the best talent in the industry to ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

It is the combination of having the leading technology, automation, data analysis, talent and leadership that makes our company the most reliable and leading edge provider in the industry.”