This year TBW Global launched a wellness program for employees. The purpose of the programme is to improve, enhance and restore employee physical and mental health.

We worked with employees to shape the programme based on their suggestions. Each member of staff has been provided with a calendar of events for the year, such as a seminar on self-defence, a personal safety awareness and a resilience workshop designed to build self-confidence. Part of the programme is centred around raising awareness of mental health and managing the effects of stress, including offering free massages to staff periodically through the year as a way to mitigate the strains of working in a conventional office environment.

TBW Global Staff can also take advantage of a new flexible working arrangement introduced. Flexible working arrangements bring many benefits to an employee’s life including increased job satisfaction, an improved work/life balance and an increase in employee morale & motivation. Modern work environments thrive from allowing employees more autonomy, the greater job satisfaction allowed from freedom to manage home and work lives with flexible working hours has shown to increase productivity for businesses whilst reducing stress and fatigue for staff.

Recognising hard work and achievement is part of the company’s ethos and every month, staff are asked to nominate a member of their team who they would like to show their appreciation to. This programme is part of a larger drive by thebigword Group to improve its corporate culture through empowering our staff to excel.