TBW Global, a defense service provider which specializes in manpower, language & culture, and training, have recently had their membership accepted into the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA).

ISOA is a keystone organisation for businesses in the stability and defense space. They work together with government facing organizations, such as TBW Global, for long-term stability and growth in the world’s most unstable places.

TBW Global provides manpower, training and language services to NATO member countries and customers, including the US Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defence and NATO. This membership provides TBW Global with a unique platform to collaborate with an organization who share the same values and are also working hard to help benefit the international crisis sector.

ISOA membership applications are intensely reviewed and accepted based upon whether businesses fit with their vision and plan for growth. For organizations already operating in fragile environments, inclusion within the ISOA is a valuable accreditation.

Matthew Woody, Head of Business Development for TBW Global said: “It is great to be part of an organization that recognizes companies who are ethical, principled and committed to excellence in our industry. The acceptance of our membership into ISOA is a badge of approval – especially as we continue our expansion into base operations support and other manpower and training services.”

TBW Global have ambitious plans for 2020 following 4 years of consecutive growth. With a focus on technological innovation, TBW Global has developed tools to help empower those with geographical limitations in the world’s most challenging defense areas.

They have also created the world’s first translation app designed specifically for the military and defense sector. The app, called Voyager Translates, focuses on using neurolingual processing and nuanced vocabulary and is set to be launched this year.