Since 2012, TBW Global has been the prime language services provider to a US-allied government agency in the Gulf region and around the world. This agency requires 300+ interpreters and translators annually to support security missions in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, and throughout Africa. Their requirement for translation and interpretation services span 365 days a year and with personnel that are security cleared, highly qualified, and are acclimated to working in areas of conflict.

The challenge

Our mission was to source and supply a pool of qualified Language Specialists who are security cleared and are able to work globally to support and aid the challenges that they encounter regardless of the theatre. In the gulf region, our client requires Arabic <> English interpreters and translators to facilitate training series.

The solution

With our advanced recruiting, vetting, and deployment practices, we have achieved 100% of our targets for fulfilment rate and key performance indicators since 2012, resulting in a consistent deployment of high-performing language experts in theatre.

In Saudi Arabia, we provide onsite management supply local linguists, all in legal compliance with local business laws and regulations. We provide full-time local national linguists who are attached to our client for training events for officers in the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces (SAAF). These linguists provide face-to-face interpretation during training courses and translate training materials in advance of the training.

In addition to the full-time linguists, TBW Global deploys interpreters for Short Term Tactical Training (STTT) events up to twice a month. Each STTT requires an additional interpreter, so we typically have 10+ interpreters operating in Saudi Arabia on a monthly basis.

Since we began this support in 2016, we have assisted in training over 2,000 students of all levels, up to Colonel. All work is managed through coordination between our UK based office and the onsite management in Saudi Arabia.


  • Achieved 100% of our key performance indicators since contract initiation in 2012
  • Provide interpreters and translators on a full-time and as-needed basis
  • Operate in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf region, and around the globe


“TBW Global have supported [us] in KSA … over the last four years. The contract has continuously provided a full spectrum of (managed) supportive services ranging from interpretation, translation, full life support, visa sponsorship, country management and full administrative support in accordance with Saudi Labour Law. Throughout this contract period the company have gone above and beyond in regards to their supportive remit to my unit, flexing at every turn to ensure the requirements are met….The staff are genuine ambassadors to the cause and key members of my supportive staff. The company can (and have) surged requirements at short notice to fulfil the (fluid nature) of my requirements; this in its self is testament to the company’s utter commitment to my units output.”