Have you ever wondered what its like to socially distance in countries where its highly unusual not to? 

Culturally, in many countries across the Middle East as an example, being close is a sign of friendship and shows bonds of trust or taking it a step further, you’ll often need to get close to people, in order to make friends in the first place.

For many of us, who have been locked down during the pandemic, will soon start to see the borders reopen and international flights back up and running.  So that means for many UK contractors who normally work overseas, it will be time get packed up and head back to work.

So if you are off to the oil fields of Saudi or the deserts of Iraq, what will you do when you get there to maintain a socially acceptable distance in order to sustain your health and wellbeing?

At TBW Global, we cant wait to get you back in the skies and letting the hard work continue but your health is the most important thing to us. Here are some top tips to help:

  1. Get your vaccine!
  2. Pack your PPE – face masks, hand sanitiser, gloves, protective eyewear. Remember that many poorer countries do not have as readily accessible PPE like the UK or US.
  3. Understand the healthcare system of where you are going.
  4. Learn the rules for entry and exit and any testing procedures
  5. Check your contract! What are you liable for, what must your contract company provide?
  6. Educate yourself fully about the virus and what medications help you. Don’t fall foul of buying a “local remedy”
  7. If you are a leader, show your team impeccable standards of hygiene, let them learn from you
  8. Educate others in your team about the importance of our health
  9. Don’t be afraid to set your own standards of distance and politely move away, if you feel some are too close