CV templates

TBW Global provide mission-ready personnel to the Defence Sector globally. In an increasingly interconnected global defence network, the need for clear communication is paramount; many organisations wish to empower their workforce with the skills to communicate through professional language training services.

We are constantly on the lookout for aspiring talent and seasoned educators interested in supporting training both at home and overseas. In order to apply and be placed in the TBW Global talent pool you must first register your interest with us.

To make creating and submitting your CV an easier process, we have created a template for you to download and populate below. If once clicked you do not see a template download, please right click and open in new window.

We have also provided a link for you below to create your own Europass CV.


• Have different CVs for different role types – for example if you are a linguist you may have a CV for interpreting and translation and another CV for teaching.

• Ex-military personnel may also have a military and civilian CV depending on the role they are applying for.

• Always make sure that any experience you have that is relevant to the role you are applying for or interested in, is clearly visible at the beginning of your CV.

• Showcase your skills by using a summary at the top of your CV to highlight your most relevant skills and bullet points to define anything key for the role, e.g.
- 5 years’ experience interpreting within the Defence Sector
 -Hold an active SC level security clearance

• In a global market be sure to highlight your security clearances, languages spoken and relevant qualifications and certifications.

• Always ensure your professional experience starts with your most recent first and that you include both Month & Year from and Month & Date to.


We recruit, test and ensure first class quality personnel are available to provide mission support globally. To view the opportunities we have available, please click the button below to view our Jobs page.