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TBW Global provide mission-ready personnel to the Defence Sector globally. In an increasingly interconnected global defence network, the need for clear communication is paramount; many organisations wish to empower their workforce with the skills to communicate through professional language training services.

We are constantly on the lookout for aspiring talent and seasoned educators interested in supporting training both at home and overseas. In order to apply and be placed in the TBW Global talent pool you must first register your interest with us. Our clients can often require stringent security clearances and assurances of qualifications and experiences meaning as much information as possible is beneficial when registering

Contracted Educators

TBW Global are working to secure professional partnerships within the Defence Sector in key areas around the world, for example Eastern Europe and the Gulf. These opportunities may be long term, with fixed contract lengths that will require teachers to live and work in country.
We may require successful candidates to live on location, often overseas for up to a year at a time.

Multiple Disciplines

The requirements of any contract we provide services for could vary in seniority, discipline and skill level. TBW Global would like to invite both English native and non-native English language teachers to express their interest in 2020 opportunities if they have taught in the UK or the US for a minimum of 5 years.

In terms of qualifications we invite anyone with one or more of the below:

• TEFL (Accredited / Classroom taught only)

Work and culture

Overseas placements offer those successful candidates the opportunity to live and work in new environments and experience different cultures. Our deployment team provide full support for contractors throughout their placement, allowing them to focus on delivering a quality service to students.

These contracts are not suitable for everyone, often requiring contractors spend a year or more working overseas and demanding a very particular set of skills. Although demanding, these overseas opportunities are extremely rewarding, offering a unique experience for those who take part.

Testimonials from contractors

I started working with TBW Global in February 2016 and moved to Germany after 10 years tenure working for the US Federal government.  I could have never hoped to work with a better team of professionals, who helped make the transition, offered their valuable expertise, and provided all the logistics necessary to start a career in a foreign country.

I offer instruction in Levantine and Modern Standard Arabic language training to the military linguists, which are critical to help them operate in conflict zones and perform sensitive missions.  With the continuous support of TBW Global, I am able to execute all my job-related tasks, thanks to their 24 hrs managerial guidance and reliable technical support that always ensure a swift and productive response to all the challenges that may arise from conducting language classes. The company is ideal for the professionals who would like to bring back creativity and innovation to their jobs in a very stress-free and fair work environment.

Wafa – Language Instructor and Subject Matter Expert


What active opportunities do you have?

We are registering educators for several potential opportunities that are due to launch in 2020. Until these programmes launch the only open opportunities we have available are listed on the Jobs section of this website. If you would like to be informed when a new opportunity is available please subscribe to our mailing list.

How will you secure my data?

Please refer to our privacy policy for information on TBW Global’s data security policy.

Where are opportunities located?

Teaching opportunities could be Global and therefore based anywhere, however current engagement will relate to potential 2020 programmes that are likely to be based in Eastern Europe and the Gulf Region. TBW Global are also highly experienced in providing personnel in the Middle East, Western & Central Europe, Africa, Asia, UK and the USA.

Why should I register my interest if there are no current openings for Language Teachers?

As a contractor we would always encourage you to register your skills and expertise with as many organisations as you can. This allows TBW Global to keep you well-informed of updates and changes to potential contract awards. If you would like to be the first to hear the news, you will need to be a part of the talent pool.

Does a 1 year contract mean there are no breaks in-between to return home?

This depends entirely on each contract and the requirements of the client and their training schedule. Usually, we do like to make sure that throughout the year there is an opportunity to return home for a short leave period, however, this cannot be guaranteed.

What is the On-boarding process for awarded contracts?

This may vary from client to client however, it is common on teaching contracts, that candidates will be expected to attend a qualification interview, teach a mock lesson and complete the required document compliance process.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

I would like to praise TBW for their impeccable customer services. Everytime I call, no matter who picks up the phone, I am always met on the other end with a friendly, helpful and optimistic voice.

Nell Allotey

I always look forward to the next exercise or rotation [of Civilians on the Battlefield]. It expands and stimulates my life. Sort of like an adventure-survival course. The unknown and the challenges are there, plus a chance to prove myself … The situations we act out are real in many parts of the world. It is fascinating to work with the military and I am trying to figure out the whys or how come strategies are executed in a particular way. Like a gigantic chess game. I would not want to miss it.

Gerda Stickler

have conducted a few observations and have been seeing some quality teaching practice.

Also, we have just enjoyed the second round of learner presentations where we hosted a number of guests from across ITC and beyond. The comments we received were extremely positive, so the teachers must be doing a great job when I’m not sitting in the back of the class, too.

Matt Gilbert

As a fundamental component to the success achieved, the role of the interpreter cannot go unmentioned or underappreciated. Hussain’s fire service knowledge was essential in ensure the correct interpretations were made, tireless efforts and cooperative nature was a great bridge across cultures. Hussain was an essential member of the team and is highly recommended for future interpreter roles.

Tom Parker


A heroic effort to get that turned around so quickly, thanks both. 3.5 hours from request to response all in.

Nicky Johnson

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