TBW Global provides award-winning and globally recognized training solutions to meet the challenges and complexities that our government clients face. Subsequently, we utilize a full range of training methods including conventional onsite classroom-based and via an online portal. Our market-leading solutions, which include role-playing and simulations training, operates around the globe to ensure operational readiness.

Role-playing and Scenarios based training

With its record of accomplishment in providing highly qualified Role Players to participate in scenario based training exercises TBW Global is a preferred partner for sourcing role-players and managing these challenging training projects. Foreign language speakers maybe native or near-native and have a cultural background and understanding of the targeted region. English speaking role players may be provided for participation in exercises that do not require alternate languages.

Learning Management Systems

We recognize that as an organization, your greatest assets are your personal and the people you work with. We help you train, test and manage your personnel in the most efficient and effective way possible. TBW Global's Learning Management System Software is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations. In addition to our specialized software, we also provide course and content creation and a full host of support services.

Course & Content Creation

TBW Global has an extensive wealth of experience in course creation, trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations. We have extensive knowledge in creating pre-deployment, contractor and cultural awareness courses. All of our course creators are experts in their relevant subject areas and have extensive experience in education and in the creation of learning pathways.

Foreign English & Language Teaching

TBW Global has created and delivered foreign languages courses since its inception in 2012. Our foreign language courses are designed specifically for the application of the language allowing us to prioritize the curriculum, so that participants can start using and putting to practice their second language from their very first lesson. TBW Global also collaborates with universities, so learners gain credits by taking formally recognised courses.

Cyber & Dark Web Training

As part of the program, TBW Global will educate you on how to incorporate the Dark Web into your company or organizations policies, controls and tools, which can overall increase the posture of security. You will be trained on the latest tools and mechanisms currently used by criminals on the dark web and we will then educate you on how identify vulnerabilities.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

have conducted a few observations and have been seeing some quality teaching practice.

Also, we have just enjoyed the second round of learner presentations where we hosted a number of guests from across ITC and beyond. The comments we received were extremely positive, so the teachers must be doing a great job when I’m not sitting in the back of the class, too.

Matt Gilbert

As a fundamental component to the success achieved, the role of the interpreter cannot go unmentioned or underappreciated. Hussain’s fire service knowledge was essential in ensure the correct interpretations were made, tireless efforts and cooperative nature was a great bridge across cultures. Hussain was an essential member of the team and is highly recommended for future interpreter roles.

Tom Parker


A heroic effort to get that turned around so quickly, thanks both. 3.5 hours from request to response all in.

Nicky Johnson